Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Old Navy Review

I recently purchased some items off of oldnavy.com.  I don't frequently shop at Old Navy as I've never been able to find things I like from here.  However, I've been on the hunt for a pair of high-waisted denim and found a pair on oldnavy.com going for $15 bucks right now.  In addition, I ordered a few other pieces that I wanted to try, since shipping is free at a $50 purchase.  Plus, returns can be made to stores.  Here are the items reviewed:

First are the High-Rise Retro Flare denims. I got these in a 4 short as my petite size was out.  I love the fit at my waist, however as you can see the flare is really big and eats up my whole foot.  In the second photo, I pinned the left leg to be a slimmer flare and much prefer it that way.  Since these were only $15, I'm going to keep them and slim down the legs to be either a slight flare or skinny.

 I ordered this pair as well to try out as it was also only $15.  I liked the sailor style and ordered these in a 4 petite.  I don't like the fit of these as much as the ones above.  The pockets kind of stick out and the leg is just not for me.  If the waist fit better, I may keep them and taper them down but since that's not the case here, I'll be returning this pair.

Next is the Light-Weight Camp Shirt in Blue/Red Plaid.  I ordered this in a Petite Small.  There's a variety of designs to this shirt and I'm planning on ordering a gingham print next.  I'm glad this shirt worked out.  I have a difficult time with button-up shirts as they tend to be a bit too tight in the bust area when they fit elsewhere.  I was pleasantly surprised when I buttoned this up and there was no pulling whatsoever.  It is a bit tight from shoulder to shoulder at the back but not uncomfortably so.  The length is perfect for my 5 foot self and I don't need to hem the sleeves, which is pretty amazing, so this is a keeper.

The last item I ordered is this cropped basket-weave sweater.  I was drawn to the basket-weave texture as I love anything basket-weave, however this sweater was so ill-fitting on me I just could not take a picture of it.  Immediately when I put it on, even without looking into the mirror, I could tell this just did not work.  It was basically too bulky everywhere then really tight at the bottom and sleeve ends.  Plus the sleeves stopped a a very awkward length.  These are definitely going back, no doubt.

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