Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Circle Lens Review

I will be reviewing the Geo Honey Wing which I bought from honeycolor.com, about a month ago.  Cost was around $18-19 and on honeycolor.com it states the diameter is 14.0, however, I think they are more around 14.2 or possibly a bit larger (comparing the size to my regular contact lenses which are 14.2 in diameter).  It came with a free animal lens case (not pictured).  

All photos taken indoors with natural light.

Left: w/lens & makeup; Right: w/out lens & no makeup

Comfort: 5/5
Since they are the same size (14.2) as my regular prescription contacts (Acuvue TruEye), I've been wearing these lenses for full days (8+ hours) with very little to no discomfort.  At times when I put them in, I can feel that there is something in my eye, and at times I can't feel anything at all, but that's more my eyes problem - finicky.  I had trouble at first figuring out which side is right side up and thus my eye suffered a bit, but I've gotten the hang of it and since have not had the same problem.

Enlargement: 3/5 Slightly enlarging due to the darker brown limbal ring.  Very natural looking if that is what you are going for (it is what I wanted and am happy I picked this pair).  I like how it gives my eyes a glossiness.

Design:  5/5 Again, the design is perfect for a natural look.  The limbal ring is a darker brown that blends nicely into the lighter brown.  I've noticed that my natural eye color itself has a darker limbal ring, quite unnoticeable from afar, so I really like how this design seems to mimic a natural eye while giving eyes a little pop.

Honeycolor:  5/5 This is my first time ordering from honeycolor.com and I was impressed by their customer service.  I had initially ordered the Max Pure Brown lenses, but a few days after my order, I received an email stating that the Max Pure Brown in my prescription (-7.5 for left eye an d-7.0 for right, very blind) were out of stock.  They offered to change my order should I wish to try a different lens or they would refund me.  So I went back onto the site, decided on these lenses and emailed them back with my choice and prescription.  In addition, I was worried about how they would refund me the difference in cost (Geo wings are less pricey than Max Pure).  I received a prompt response within a day.  Shipping time takes a while (about 3 weeks for me in California) but that's understandable as these ship from Malaysia, I believe.  I did have an issue with trying to figure out if these lens were fake or not.  I'd read somewhere that Geo has an anti-fake sticker but my lens did not come with these stickers.  After doing some googling comparing fakes to real lenses, I decided to just test these out anyway.  Again, the lens are great, very little to no discomfort for 8+ hours, but I'm still curious why there was no anti-fake sticker.

Verdict: These lens are pretty amazing and I'm set on ordering more of the Geo wings in purple, grey, and possibly blue from honeycolor..

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