Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking a stab at new projects

I have officially done with graduate school applications.  Hurrah hurrah!!!  All this week I have had the itch to start up on another project.  I recently finished the cowl I made for th BF so now I think it's time to make something for myself =)

I am going to try to make legwarmers out of this Tulip pattern.  I say try because when it comes to needlework, I get aggravated easily when I make mistakes, and boy do I make a  lot, toss the idea aside, take it all apart, and start on a different, easier pattern.  This tulip pattern though, is so gorgeous and tulips are my favorite flowers so I'm going to try really hard to make these or something/anything using this pattern.  Also, during my research I found this gorgeous Gingham and Lace pattern.

I'm afraid to try knitting/crocheting tops because they just look so difficult and complicated and I'm quite the impatient person.  (I like to see results!!!) But this design is absolutely me so I will keep it in mind as a future project. 

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