Sunday, January 23, 2011

Superhero is what I feel like when I wear this dress/tunic/cape thingy.  Except I will most likely run instead of fight evil, just like the Justice League of Big Bang Theory.  (Did anyone see that episode?  I looove that show and am so happy Jim Parsons won Golden Globes for his stellar performance as Sheldon)

Dress was made through trial and error.  I cut out a circle skirt, draped it on my body, poked holes for a belt loop, ended up sewing the side flaps shut for less fabric bulk on the sides, and adjusted the shoulders to fit. This dress has been getting quite a bit of wear from me since it is very comfortable and I feel very comfortable in it. 

Total cost: $1.50 (for fabric from Walmart)

Also wearing: 
Leggings and necklace from Forever 21
Shoes bought on Ebay

Next project.....
This Suzy Chin Wrap Dress Butterick 5320 in a Navy suiting fabric.  It will be perfect for my "work" wardrobe I've been trying to build.


  1. your dress is amazing! you are very talented!
    Following your blog!
    Follow back?

  2. wow...nice job on the tunic!! it looks do-able??! i just bought some leopard material...was going to attempt a simple attempt is the key word!

  3. @oomph: the tunic was pretty easy to make but i love it most because it is so versatile. can't wait to see your don your maxi, attempt it please!

  4. hi, hi .... lovelie! how are you?? so glad you found me on blog :-))) yes, i will be back to chictopia sometimes soon :-)

    you look so adorable in red, great job! the shoulder details are very nice, xx